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150 Bridgeland, Suite 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6A 1Z5
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Jane Stark B.Sc. D.O.M.P., M.S.

Jane Eliza Stark is a 2003 graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO), where upon graduation she received the Andrew Taylor Still Award for the most representative thesis on the advancement of osteopathy in philosophical or sociological research. In 2006, she received the Andrew Taylor Still Foundation award for her contribution to the advancement and recognition of osteopathy in Canada. Soon after graduating, she began serving on the faculty of the Canadian College of Osteopathy (Toronto and Winnipeg CCO campuses) and the Collège D'Etudes Ostéopathiques (Vancouver and Halifax campuses). In association with the CCO/CEO, she teaches Pelvis II, the Knee, Small Intestines, and Research.
Jane recently earned her master’s degree in clinical research administration at Walden University, a degree that will serve to augment her leadership as the director and professor of research for the CCO’s Toronto and Winnipeg campuses. She is an original member of the Compagnon de L'ostéopathie, selected in 2011 in Montreal.
Internationally, Ms Stark is recognised as an osteopathic historiographer, author, lecturer on osteopathic history, on the biographies of Still, Sutherland, Littlejohn & Still, and a workshop leader on the fluidic approach to treating connective tissue. She has lectured or taught in 10 countries, including the United States, where she gave a lecture on Still’s approach to treatment of the patient. That address was delivered to alumni of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Atman College bestowed the honorary degree of Honoris Causa to Ms Stark in 2008. She served as an executive board member for the World Osteopathic Health Organisation in 2008 through 2011. She is an EVOST fellow having completed the EVOST program in evolution and embryology in 2015 and is an associated member of the Cranial Academy of Belgium. She has been on the faculty of the Japan Traditional Osteopathic College in Kobe Japan since 2014 where she teaches embryology and fascia from a fluidic perspective.